2012 Fantasy Football Dynasty QB Rankings (07/23/12)

Welcome to The Dynasty Guy’s (Inaugural) QB Rankings for the 2012 season. These rankings assume 4 points per passing TD and are intended for dynasty leagues. While the upcoming season is taken into consideration, players are ranked on a 3+ year horizon. Act accordingly! If you want to know who is better this year, go look at redraft league projections.

I’m going to rank pretty deeply into the QB pool to accommodate those of you that play in larger leagues (32 team leagues are EPIC) and two start leagues.   Make sure to scroll all the way down for analysis/commentary.

1:  Aaron Rogers

2 :  Drew Brees

3:  Matthew Stafford

4:  Cam Newton

5:  Tom Brady

6:  Andrew Luck

7:  Matt Ryan

8:  Eli Manning

9:  Philip Rivers

10:  Jay Cutler

11:  Tony Romo

12:  Ben Roethlisberger

13 :  Robert Griffin

14:  Sam Bradford

15:  Michael Vick

16:  Peyton Manning

17:  Jake Locker

18 :  Joe Flacco

19:  Josh Freeman

20:  Andy Dalton

21:  Matt Schaub

22:  Carson Palmer

23.  Alex Smith

24:  Christian Ponder

25:  Ryan Fitzpatrick

26:  Brandon Weeden

27:  Matt Flynn

28:  Mark Sanchez

29:  Kevin Kolb

30:  Ryan Tannehill

31: Matt Cassel

32:  Tim Tebow

33:  Ryan Mallett

34:  Colin Kaepernick

35:  Blaine Gabbert

36:  Russell Wilson

37:  Brian Hoyer

38:  John Skelton

39:  T.J. Yates

40:  Ryan Lindley

41:  Matt Hasselbeck

42:  Matt Moore

43:  Josh Johnson

44:  Chad Henne

45:  Joe Webb

46: Nick Foles

47: Brock Osweiler

48:  Ricki Stanzi

49:  Kyle Orton

50:  Tarvaris Jackson

51:  Tyrod Taylor

52:  Kirk Cousins

53:  Shaun Hill

54:  Terrelle Pryor

55:  Jason Campbell

56:  Stephen McGee

57:  Chase Daniel

58:  BJ Coleman

59:  Rex Grossman

60:  Luke McCown

61:  Vince Young

62:  Matt Leinart

63:  Jimmy Clausen

64:  Charlie Whitehurst

65:  Seneca Wallace

NOTES— There is a an elite tier of ‘win-now’ qb’s that consist of Rogers, Brees and Brady. If your team is competing, they should rank 1-3, with the rest falling in place.


Matthew Stafford– Stafford came out of nowhere last year and put up amazing numbers. The 4th year Georgia product was coming off an unimpressive rookie year that ended in injury and cost him most of 2011. Stafford has been the 3rd QB off the board in recent dynasty start-ups. I like the pick, but it doesn’t come without risk. Stafford doesn’t have a sustained history of fantasy greatness and he has had plenty of trouble with his shoulder. He also plays for the Detroit Lions and I’m not convinced that they won’t find a way to screw up a good thing. So why did I put him at #3? MEGATRON. As long as Calvin Johnson is suiting up, Stafford is a top 5 QB. If Calvin isn’t on the field? Meh. 12ish.


Robert Griffin III– This is where I go against the grain and hopefully set myself apart from the mainstream fantasy football sources. Robert Griffin III is not elite, nor will he ever be, elite. Griffin’s numbers were padded by playing against particularly weak Big 12 defensive backfields. Texas had the highest ranked passing defense in the league at #47 nationally. The rest of the league was clustered in the 80-100+ range. Defense is not a priority in the Big 12 and Griffin’s numbers in that division do not impress me the way Cam Newton’s did against the SEC.

What you are seeing with RGIII is value by osmosis. RGIII’s season came one year removed from Cam’s monster Heisman season and his subsequent breakout rookie year in Carolina. Everyone is seeing Cam Newton when the look at Griffin and that just isn’t what he is. Cam is 6’5″ 260lbs, Griffin is 6’2″ in shoes and clocks in at only 217 pounds (think Vick, but with a smaller frame). He is going to get MURDERED by NFL defensive players. I’ve seen Griffin drafted BEFORE Andrew Luck in rookie only drafts and all I can do is shake my head. Andrew Luck will be an elite QB and we’ve all ‘known’ that for a few years. The talking heads on ESPN and other sites got bored talking about him and needed another prospect to hype and talk to viewers about. Que Cam’s magical rookie season and Robert Griffin winning the Heisman. Kiper and McShay say things to get ratings, don’t forget that. If they were that great at evaluating talent, they’d work for an NFL team and not ESPN. Draft Griffin if he’s available (after Luck), but follow it up with a trade for maximum value.

If I’m proven wrong about this, I’ll be the first to admit it. Begrudgingly.

Blaine Gabbert– I just wanted to take a moment to make sure everyone is aware of how horrible Gabbert is. I don’t care how many feel good stories you hear out of camp about Gabbert, that’s just the Jaguars trying to promote their team and sell tickets. Gabbert is god awful. If football were played with a hand grenade instead of a football, the safest place on the field would be standing between the outstretched arms of Gabbert’s intended receiver.

Ricky Stanzi– If you have a spare roster spot and want a lottery ticket, I’d spend a buck on Stanzi. Matt Cassel shouldn’t have been paid so much money and if he hadn’t, Stanzi would be vying for the starter’s job. I don’t think anyone would be surprised if KC starts out horrible and Romeo, in an attempt to save his job, pulls Cassel and puts in the kid. If you aren’t up to snuff when it comes to Stanzi, have a read…. 

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One response to “2012 Fantasy Football Dynasty QB Rankings (07/23/12)

  1. I agree with your assessment on RG3. The main stream media got tired of talking about Luck so during the draft process everyone was raving about RG3 athletic abilities and how fast he could run. I don’t see him as an elite QB after seeing numerous big 12 games (I’m a UT fan). Luck showed in his first preseason game that he is and will always be in a different class than RG3.

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