2012 Fantasy Football Dynasty RB Rankings (07/26/12)

2012 Fantasy Football Dynasty RB Rankings (07/26/12)

Welcome to The Dynasty Guy’s Inaugural RB Rankings for the 2012 season. These rankings assume a PPR scoring format and are intended for dynasty leagues only! While the upcoming season is taken into consideration, players are ranked on a 3+ year horizon. Act accordingly! If you want to know who is better this year, go look at redraft league projections. Make sure to scroll all the way down for analysis/commentary.

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Fantasy News and Reaction (07/26/12)

Peyton Manning– The Broncos are restricting how many throws PM can make during camp. Probably just a precaution, but I’m still skeptical about what we are going to see from him this year. I’m trying to move him in dynasty leagues. #CUTTHATMEAT

Maurice Jones-Drew is digging in his heals. MJD is going to play this year and you aren’t going to convince me otherwise. He has no leverage whatsoever and the Jags can start fining him 30k per day. He might get a small concession or two out of Kahn, but he isn’t going to miss any real games. Watch out for the sharks in your league. They’ll be trying to use this story as a way to get MJD on the cheap. Don’t let them.

Adrian Peterson, MIN RB- If anyone can come back from a devastating knee injury like the one AP suffered last year, It’s Little Purple Jesus. ESPN 1500 is reporting that the Vikes plan to stick him on the active/PUP list, but that doesn’t mean he’ll miss games. Toby Gerhart will do an excellent job filling in for him if he does.

Robert Turbin, SEA RB- Turbin is a BEAST. The ‘Hulk’ is already impressing SEA RB coach Sherman Smith with his power. Marshawn Lynch may avoid suspension from his latest arrest, but I think Turbin is going to end up on the field regardless. He’s a powerful runner with surprising speed. If he can work out a niche on short yardage, he’ll be able to let his game speak for itself and eventually find a bigger role. The Hulk is a stronger version of Lynch and he actually has a good head on his shoulders. He’s extremely motivated and unlike Lynch, the type of guy you want to succeed. His older sister died of Multiple Sclerosis when he was little and he has been helping to care for his other sister who has Cerebral Palsy since the third grade. He also has a brother who was shot and killed this February. If given an opportunity, you can bet that he’ll seize it and never look back.

Mikel Leshoure, DET RB- One of the top RB’s from last year’s draft class is still working his way back from season ending Achilles surgery. Coach Schwartz wasn’t very assuring when asked about his RB, “he has a surgically-repaired Achilles. Are you ever 100 percent? I don’t know.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Leshoure will NOT begin the season on the active/PUP list, so he should have every opportunity to take over the starting running back job. I’ll take my chances with Leshoure before Jahvid Best.

Jahvid Best, DET RB- Poor JB. The kid just can’t stay on the field. He is a fantastic PPR asset when healthy, but there just isn’t a high likelihood that he’ll ever be healthy for a long stretch. Best has been concussed numerous times and took this monster hit when he was at CAL. Best is meeting with doctors again to see if he can get cleared for camp. It’s been a LONG time since his last concussion. If he isn’t cleared, that could spell major trouble. If you’re a gambler and can get him for a future 2nd or 3rd rounder (depending on league size), he might be worth the risk. I’m staying away.

Ryan Broyles, DET WR- Old Schwartzy is optimistic about Broyles playing this year. That’s good news. Hopefully he can stay on the field for a while when he comes back. Broyles has a history of injuries from his days at Oklahoma, but he could be a great WR3 in PPR leagues if he comes back 100%.

Josh Gordon, CLE WR- 2nd round supplemental pick admitted to failing a drug test last year at Utah and lying about it. Gordon is a hot name on waiver wires and he’s probably already been picked up in your league. If your waiver wire resets on a weekly basis, he’s worth an add. If you use a season long waiver order that sends you to the end of the line after using your spot, I’d wait for someone better. He hasn’t played in a couple years and CLE WR’s aren’t exactly fantasy point machines.

Martellus Bennett, NYG TE- Bennett “made weight.”  *CLAP CLAP CLAP*

Joseph Addai, NE RB- Apparently Joseph quit his condition test for the Pats. Ya… that’s not a good sign. DROP.


Fantasy News and Reaction (07/25/12)

Ryan Williams is going to have the Arizona backfield to himself for the start of camp. Beanie Wells is on the active/PUP list and this should allow Williams to take over the RB1 job. I loved Williams coming out of college last year, but I apparently jinxed him when I drafted him with the #6 rookie pick. Patellar tendon injuries aren’t anything to gloss over and there is a history of recurring ruptures or ruptures on the other knee. Patellar tendons don’t just rupture due to stress, twisting like ACL’s and MCL’s, there is usually an inherent weakness in the tendon and if there is a weakness in one, there’s probably weakness in the other (see: Williams, Caddilac). I’m pretty much a doctor, so you should just believe everything I just said (or you can just research PT injuries). I’m still holding out hope though, Williams at 90% is still 10% better than Beanie. Wells says he’ll be ready for camp… I’d say the same thing if I were him, but he’s not touching my roster. Not even if there is a FIRE.

ESPN says that David Wilson needs to work on his pass protection. Well, ok. It’s not necessarily news that a rookie running back needs to improve his pass protection skills, but it gives us a reason to talk about one of the more exciting rookie running backs not named Trent Richardson.  If you want to get hyped about your rookie draft, do yourself a favor and check out some of Wilson’s highlight videos on youtube. But while you are thinking about that, think about this.. Continue reading

Fantasy News and Reaction (07/24/12)

First off, I’d like to thank the fine folks at Fantasy Rundown for mentioning me on their site. I imagine everyone reading this knows about the fantastic resource they provide, but I just wanted to say, “Thank you.” Hopefully this site can become another tool in everyone’s fantasy arsenal. I know that fantasy owners don’t like to share their sources, but if you like what you see here, please spread the word! You can also follow me on Twitter (@TheDynastyGuy).

Alright, now on to the news of the day…

To my dismay, Tim Tebow isn’t going away anytime soon. The Jets are now considering using Timmy as a kick returner. The NY Daily News reported that assistant special teams coach Ben Kotwica said that Tebow has, ‘Some value there on kickoff returns. It’s something that we’ve talked about. I don’t think there’s any option with Tim that we’ve taken off the table.” Ugh. I know what option I’m taking off the table: any New York Jet holding a spot on my fantasy roster, especially Mark Sanchez. The Sanchize was the tenth ranked QB last year in standard scoring leagues, making him a QB1 (that my friends, is a one-off). He only threw three picks on the season (not happening again) and was able to convert 6 rushing TD’s (coincidentally, the same number that Tebow had last year). With Tebow possibly taking the QB snaps when the Jets find a way to wander into the endzone, you have to believe that Sanchez and Tebow cancel each other out.  This is all very confusing to me, as the Jets were actually GOOD in the redzone last year (they just never found it on a consistent basis).   Continue reading

2012 Fantasy Football Dynasty QB Rankings (07/23/12)

Welcome to The Dynasty Guy’s (Inaugural) QB Rankings for the 2012 season. These rankings assume 4 points per passing TD and are intended for dynasty leagues. While the upcoming season is taken into consideration, players are ranked on a 3+ year horizon. Act accordingly! If you want to know who is better this year, go look at redraft league projections.

I’m going to rank pretty deeply into the QB pool to accommodate those of you that play in larger leagues (32 team leagues are EPIC) and two start leagues.   Make sure to scroll all the way down for analysis/commentary. Continue reading