2012 Fantasy Football Dynasty WR Rankings (07/31/12)

2012 Fantasy Football Dynasty WR Rankings (07/30/12)

Welcome to The Dynasty Guy’s Inaugural WR Rankings for the 2012 season. These rankings assume a PPR scoring format and are intended for dynasty leagues only! While the upcoming season is taken into consideration, players are ranked on a 3+ year horizon. Act accordingly! If you want to know who is better this year, go look at redraft league projections. Make sure to scroll all the way down for analysis/commentary.

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Fantasy News and Reaction (07/25/12)

Ryan Williams is going to have the Arizona backfield to himself for the start of camp. Beanie Wells is on the active/PUP list and this should allow Williams to take over the RB1 job. I loved Williams coming out of college last year, but I apparently jinxed him when I drafted him with the #6 rookie pick. Patellar tendon injuries aren’t anything to gloss over and there is a history of recurring ruptures or ruptures on the other knee. Patellar tendons don’t just rupture due to stress, twisting like ACL’s and MCL’s, there is usually an inherent weakness in the tendon and if there is a weakness in one, there’s probably weakness in the other (see: Williams, Caddilac). I’m pretty much a doctor, so you should just believe everything I just said (or you can just research PT injuries). I’m still holding out hope though, Williams at 90% is still 10% better than Beanie. Wells says he’ll be ready for camp… I’d say the same thing if I were him, but he’s not touching my roster. Not even if there is a FIRE.

ESPN says that David Wilson needs to work on his pass protection. Well, ok. It’s not necessarily news that a rookie running back needs to improve his pass protection skills, but it gives us a reason to talk about one of the more exciting rookie running backs not named Trent Richardson.  If you want to get hyped about your rookie draft, do yourself a favor and check out some of Wilson’s highlight videos on youtube. But while you are thinking about that, think about this.. Continue reading